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What Is A Blogger And What Do They Do?

What is a blogger?
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Don’t let anyone convince you that in this day and age Blogging is dead and becoming a Blogger is a waste of time.

A Blog has always been and always will be the place where solutions to problems are found by millions from all over the world.

There are many other channels of communication used on the web such as video which is popular but it still can’t present information in depth like a blog.

Bloggers are important to keep this flow of information going and that is why there is always an opportunity to make money with blogging.

What is a Blogger Article

        • What does a Blogger do?
        • How do you become a Blogger?
        • What qualifications do you need to become a Blogger?
        • What skills do you need to become a Blogger?
        • Who will need Blog writing services?
        • How does a Blogger make money?
        • How much money does a Blogger make?
        • How difficult is it to become a Blogger?
        • How tough is the competition in Blogging?
        • How do I learn more about Blogging?
        • What is a Blogger and what do they do? – Conclusion

What does a Blogger do?

A Blogger is someone who writes articles and snippets of information that they can place on their blog. They supply an essential source of information to audiences in need of self-development and also for entertainment purposes. 

A Blogger supplies valuable content to their audiences on many different niches and topics all over the world. Blog posts are visited feverishly by followers of these specific niches and that is why Blogs are so popular.

A blogger is a necessary connection between information and audiences who are hungry for new information. Their main purpose is the creation of content that will be beneficial to others by solving an existing problem.

How do you become a Blogger?

You set yourself up as a Blogger by getting your own website or joining one of the free blogging platforms on the internet where you can set up a blog.

Although there are many free blogging platforms it is always better that you get your own domain because you want the freedom to monetize later which a free platform does not always permit.

Then decide what niche you will be targeting based on your experience and knowledge.

From here on it is all about creating content that your audience wants and supplying it at a consistent rate until you have built up a loyal following.

Your first steps will be to do research in your niche then you will create content and articles based on the needs you think might help your audience solve some of the problems they experience.

What qualifications do you need to become a Blogger?

Blogging is probably one of the most user-friendly work from home ventures to start because you need no qualification or experience, to begin with.

All you need is a passion for what you write about and you can start creating articles and other content relevant to your niche that will bring in site visitors.

As a freelance blogger doing it as an income stream the proof is in the pudding when you are starting to see some positive results. Generating an income is the only proof you will ever need.

What skills do you need to become a Blogger?

There are certain skills that make a Blogger stand out from the rest. Some skills are a necessity to have but most required skills can be developed by you over a period of time and with experience.

Hard skills required to become a successful Blogger

        • Financial
        • Reporting
        • Social Media Marketing
        • Word Processing
        • Creative Writing
        • Search Engine Optimization
        • SEO Marketing
        • Graphic Design

Soft skills required to become a successful Blogger

        • Positivity
        • Time Management
        • Emotional Intelligence
        • Effective communication
        • Innovation and Creativity
        • Motivation and Initiative
        • Good work ethics
        • Empathy

Who will need Blog writing services?

There are a number of industries and individuals that can make use of Blog writing services to boost their products or brand. Blogging is mostly used to inform potential customers of new trends and products out there.

Bloggers are also in great demand because of their creativity and writing skills in almost all industries.

The need for Bloggers is similar to that of a Podcaster which are:

        • Public services who need important information and event announcements broadcasted
        • Education where students can find learning information
        • Teaching and Coaching platform to communicate with learners
        • Entertainment information and news
        • News, Politics and General public Info
        • Special Interest groups or Targeted Micro Niches
        • Health and Lifestyle Information
        • Religious groups
        • Marketing of products and services

Many other uses can be included here but as you can see there is a big demand out there and it is only your imagination and creativity that can turn it into an online business.

How does a Blogger make money?

There are several ways that a Blogger can use to monetize a blog post. The secret to monetization of a blog post is having a huge following to whom you can promote products and services. Offers will be integrated into your site by the following means: 

  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Direct Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Advertising that drives visitors to the blog 
  • Product reviews 
  • Google Adsense 
  • Youtube Videos 
  • E-Commerce

How much money does a Blogger make?

how does a blogger make moneyIt is difficult to specify how much money a blogger makes per year. This is because of the many factors that are involved in making and running a successful online business.

There are some bloggers on the internet that are talking about making huge sums of money but it is because of their business skills.

It all comes down to how you monetize your blog. 

Before you think about how much money you can make you must realize that it is long-term care and success does not come overnight. It also takes hard work and how much you make will depend on the effort you put into it. 

By doing the right thing and being consistent it is possible for you to bring in at least 1 and a half thousand to 10000 dollars a month. This does not mean the minute you start writing you will be starting to earn this kind of money.

There are a lot of bloggers out there that do not make a penny and the ones who do have been at it for years. 

How much money you make will depend on the hard work you put into it and the manner in which you monetize your blog. It is essential to make sure that you are creating quality content in order to draw visitors who will be interested in your affiliate offers or products.

I promise success will depend on his audience and his content.

How difficult is it to become a Blogger?

We can give this a low rating because of the ease of starting a blog and the quick learning curve needed to be a blogger. It does not mean success monetary wise because that will take time, effort, and commitment.

It is not difficult to do blogging but there might be some skills you will have to learn to become a successful blogger that might be a bit challenging.

How tough is the competition in Blogging?

High competition but those that are out there will tell you that your chances are just as good as everybody else’s to earn a good income from your own blog.

How do I learn more about Blogging?

Beginners are fortunate as the web is full of free and paid resources that will get you underway quickly. There are some basics that you will have to learn but otherwise, it is up to trial and error for what works for you or not.

Below are a few resources that can help with more information on what Blogging is and how to become a Blogger.

Books for Bloggers

If you want to learn more about blogging and at the same time fill your bookshelf with real books then visit my collection of books for bloggers.

These books are written by bloggers with years of experience that will help you build your blogging skills.

Software for Bloggers

Canva Graphics EditorCanva

Canva is a top-performing online graphic design platform that can help beginners to get the banners and images they need for a new start-up.

Just log in with your email account and start for free with hundreds of free templates you can make use of with no limitations.

Inkscape Vector GraphicsInkscape

If you want to have more control over your designs I will recommend Inkscape Vector Software as it is 100% free and have an easy learning curve to master. You will also find many tutorials online to get you going.

Download the latest version of Inkscape here.

Grammarly Writing assistantGrammarly

This top-performing writing assistant will check your spelling as you write to make sure no spelling mistakes creep in. Totally free to use but you have the option to upgrade when you are ready to make it a full writing aid with grammar checks, and synonym suggestions.

Many other features will make you look like a top-class writer with years of experience. Go get started with Grammarly here.

ProWritingAid SoftwareProWritingAid

Another top writing aid software that will help you start your blogging career like an expert. It also offers a free version that will help you get into a writing streak to fill up your blog pages without effort. 

Keyword SurferKeyword Surfer

The perfect software for beginners looking for those micro-niches that will bring you traffic. It has both free and paid options but the free option will give you enough information to start targeting the correct keywords.

Get your Chrome extension here for finding keywords directly from the desktop.

Tailwind Social Media MarketingTailwind

When you are a beginner in blogging you would like to spend as much time as possible creating content. A software package such as Tailwind will help take care of the scheduling and posting on social media platforms that will drive traffic to your blog.

Start your marketing campaign here.

Other resources for Bloggers

Namecheap Domain Hosting ServicesNamecheap

As a new Blogger, you will want to start your own paid blog soon in order to get all the benefits of monetization.

This is why you have to look for the most affordable option with the most efficient online support. 

Bluehost web hosting platformBluehost

The fun part of blogging is to expand your horizons into the world of online business. This is when “free” does start hampering your progress. A powerful and reliable web hosting platform that makes its offers very appealing to beginners.

You can get your domain free for the first year after which you start paying.

Ultra Web Hosting PlatformUltra Webhosting

Very fast is the niche of this web hosting platform and the pricing is good too. They also offer web domain names that you can get at affordable prices. 


Look no further than the free and paid options that TuxlerVPN provides for your privacy. If you want to find out more about what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is then visit us here.

What is a Blogger and what do they do? – Conclusion

A Blogger we have now seen is someone who creates content with text, video, audio, and images to include on a blog.

The purpose of this is either educational, informative, or entertaining. This creates ample opportunity for monetization and running a successful online business.

Through blogging, audiences from all over the world will be reached which in itself creates a massive market. Here you can also establish yourself with a very lucrative income stream.

It does not matter what income stream you pursue it will always lead you back to a blog where the final sale is made.

Blogging is only one of many income streams online that you can explore and monetize for a sustainable income. Many entrepreneurs opt for this route to start their own online business that they can easily manage while working from home.

Please leave a comment or share your blogging experience below for others to enjoy.

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