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Important Questions to Ask Affiliate Managers

questions to ask your affiliate manager
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In this article, we will look at the important questions to ask affiliate managers as a beginner. It is important to gather as much information as possible regarding the platform and the products you are going to promote. This is part 3 of the affiliate marketing series. Don’t forget to check out what you have missed so far.

Article: Important questions to ask affiliate managers

Getting the answers you need

You will be putting a lot of time and effort into an Affiliate Marketing business so it is crucial to ask the right questions about what you are going to promote. It is not just a matter of slapping something on your blog or website and then starting to earn income.

Affiliate marketing is more complicated than most would like you to believe.

When beginning an internet business using affiliate marketing, it’s crucial to get answers from affiliate administrators for several reasons.

Understanding the affiliate program

Affiliate managers can give you useful details about the affiliate program that interests you, like commission rates, cookie duration, payment options, and other program specifics. This might assist you in determining whether the program is a good fit for your audience and company objectives.


You can begin to establish a rapport with affiliate managers by enquiring about them and engaging with them. Future chances for collaboration and promotion may result from this, as well as access to exclusive deals and discounts.

Optimizing your earnings

Affiliate managers can offer you advice on how to promote products successfully. They can assist to improve the conversion rate of your website. They can also help with choosing the ideal audience to target in order to help you earn as much money as possible from the program.

Preventing potential problems

You can steer clear of problems later on, such as non-payment, and violation of terms and conditions. There are many other issues that could hurt your company. By asking questions and addressing any concerns before enrolling in an affiliate program you can avoid disappointment.

In general, keeping in touch with affiliate managers is crucial to developing and maintaining a successful affiliate marketing company. It will also save you a lot of time and avoid unnecessary side-tracking because you do not understand how things work.

The only way to do this is to focus on these important questions to ask affiliate managers and make sure you understand the answers.

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How long have you been in business?

As a beginner, it is important to know that you won’t put in the effort and time with a platform that will disappear tomorrow. When it disappears your income goes with it and you must start all over.

Never put all your eggs in one basket with an online business as very few are stable or stay long.

For several reasons, it is crucial to enquire about the existence of the affiliate platform you are working with. The length of time the affiliate managers have been in operation is also a good indication.

Trust and credibility

Understanding the affiliate manager’s or platform’s length of operation will help you gauge their level of expertise and reputation in the market. This might assist you in figuring out whether they are a reliable partner to work with and whether they have a successful track record.

Stability and dependability

As opposed to a fresh or unknown affiliate management or platform, a well-established one is probably more stable and dependable. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your affiliate program is in capable hands. You can count on reliable payment timing which makes planning easier for yourself.

Industry knowledge and experience

A platform or affiliate manager who has been in operation for some time is likely to have a greater awareness of the sector. They will have available stats including trends, best practices, and modifications to legislation.

They may be able to provide you with this useful information to assist you in maximizing your affiliate program.

Resources and support

You’ll probably have access to additional resources and support from a bigger, more seasoned affiliate platform or management, including marketing tools, educational materials, and specialized account managers.

This can help you get the most out of your affiliate program and achieve your company goals more efficiently.

In conclusion, finding out about the background and availability of affiliate managers and platforms will help you choose partners wisely, boost your faith in your affiliate program, and ultimately help your online business succeed more.

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Check the merchant’s track record with affiliates

You want to know a merchant will not disappear overnight. It is very hard work to update and remove all the links to your products throughout your articles. That is why I recommend one or two reliable merchants to promote as a beginner.

In the beginning, I had to spend a lot of time updating and switching merchants until I worked out what tools to use and what works for my audience. This is one of the questions to ask affiliate managers but don’t rely on the answers given. Do further research on your own.

Affiliate forums and chat groups will provide you with a good indication. But also be careful of sour grapes. Not everyone puts in the required effort to achieve success. When they fail they blame the merchant or affiliate platform.

A merchant’s history of managing and collaborating with affiliate partners is referred to as their track record with affiliates. It takes into account things like how consistently they make payments, and how well they interact with affiliates. It is also an indicator of how successful their marketing initiatives are, and how they generally handle their affiliates.

There are various aspects to watch out for when evaluating a merchant’s history with affiliates, including:

Payment history

Verify the merchant’s track record for promptly and fully paying affiliates. You can also search for any past payment-related grievances or problems that affiliates may have experienced.


Seek a merchant who effectively communicates with their affiliates and offers them the resources and assistance they require to be successful in their affiliate program. 

This includes giving regular updates, responding to inquiries quickly, and attending to any issues affiliates might have.

Conversion rates

Verify that the merchant has a strong offering that is likely to convert well with your audience by looking at their conversion rates for their goods or services. Search for information on average order value, repeat business, and client retention rates, among other things.


Choose a merchant who has a positive reputation both inside their sector and among their affiliates. Checking online forums or organizations, reading reviews or endorsements from other affiliates. Researching the merchant’s standing in the marketplace is an example of how to achieve this.

Terms and conditions

Be sure the merchant’s terms and conditions are reasonable and fair to affiliates by carefully reading them. Be wary of any warning signs, such as stringent or unclear terms, low commission rates, or unstated costs.

You may ensure the best results for your affiliate business by taking the time to investigate and assess a merchant’s history with affiliates before deciding whether or not to engage with them.

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What types of promotional materials are available?

It is important to get the tools you need to do your promotions without too much effort. The creatives that are provided and the ease of using them will save a lot of time. One of the most important questions you can ask affiliate managers is about the tools they provide you with.

Some merchants will only allow you to use their creatives. Use them as they know best what is working and what is not.

As you get more into the affiliate marketing game you will apply various strategies that will require different promotional creatives. Plan from the beginning to expand and make sure they provide you with enough tools to do so.

You can anticipate getting a variety of marketing materials from the merchant you are associating with as an affiliate partner.

The most significant advertising items you might anticipate getting are as follows:

Affiliate Links

The main method of promoting the merchant’s goods or services on your website or social media platforms is through affiliate links. These links monitor click-throughs to the merchant’s website from your website or social media platforms. The purpose of this is to make sure you are given credit for any resultant leads or sales.

Banners and display ads

Banners and display ads are visual advertisements that you can place on your website or social media platforms to promote the merchant’s products or services. These advertisements are available in a range of shapes and sizes. They can also frequently be altered to match the style of your website.

Images and descriptions of the products

The vendor must offer you professional photos and in-depth product descriptions that you can use to advertise their goods. This is essential for your services on your website or social media pages. These materials must be eye-catching and offer pertinent details about the goods or services being advertised.

Coupons and promotions

To encourage your audience to make a purchase, retailers may offer unique coupons or promotions that you may share with them. These campaigns can include discounts, free shipping, or other incentives that are special to your audience.

Email templates

You can utilize the email templates provided by some retailers to advertise their goods and services to your email subscribers. These templates ought to have expertly crafted designs and compelling copy that nudges readers to act.

The merchant raises the likelihood that your affiliate business will succeed by making it simpler for you to advertise their goods or services by offering these promotional materials. Make sure to utilize these resources to successfully market the merchant’s goods or services and increase your commissions.

What kind of support is provided to affiliates?

Once you have been in the affiliate marketing game for a while you will want to expand your business. This will mean that you will need additional support from your affiliate partnership.

A successful affiliate merchant partnership should offer you additional support to help you flourish as an affiliate partner in addition to advertising materials.

Here are some illustrations of the kind of extra assistance you might anticipate:

Dedicated account manager

As an affiliate partner, a dedicated account manager might be a useful tool for you. They may assist you with any queries you may have regarding the merchant’s goods or services, offer comments on your advertising efforts, and make recommendations to help you perform better.

Training and resources

The merchant must give you the tools you need to be successful as an affiliate partner. Webinars, tutorials, and marketing materials that provide advice and best practices for promoting their goods or services may fall under this category.

Performance reviews

Reviews of your performance should be conducted regularly by the merchant. They would then also offer you suggestions on how to enhance your performance. Your marketing efforts will be optimized as a result, and you will earn more commissions.

Payment of commissions

The merchant should be dependable and quick to pay out your commissions. They should offer you clear information on how and when you will receive your payments. Any questions you ask the manager must also be answered immediately regarding any concerns or issues that you may have.

Exclusive offers

If your affiliate merchant partnership is successful, they might provide you access to special deals that are only available to the best affiliates. You can increase sales and commissions by using these deals.

By providing this extra assistance, the merchant shows their dedication to your success as an associate partner. In this way, they can also assist you in increasing your income and expanding your business. While assessing possible affiliate merchant agreements, be sure to keep an eye out for these kinds of extra support.

Frequently asked questions for affiliate managers

There are hundreds of questions a beginner can ask but some are more important to assess the viability of a partnership. As in real life, you would not put the effort in if an employer does not offer you support.

Here is a list of the most important questions to ask affiliate managers before you start on the journey.

Here are 20 queries you might pose to an affiliate manager and some potential responses you might get in return:

How often are commissions given out, and what is your commission structure?
A straightforward commission system with timely and trustworthy reimbursements regularly would be a good response to this query.

What types of marketing tools do you provide to your affiliates?
A variety of top-notch advertising tools, including banners, product photographs and descriptions, coupons, and special deals, would be a suitable response.

Do you provide affiliates with training or resources to ensure their success?
The best response would be a comprehensive collection of training and tools, such as webinars, tutorials, and marketing materials that provide advice and best practices for marketing their goods or services.

What is your product line, and how do you guarantee the quality of the goods?
A variety of high-quality goods and services that are pertinent to your target market and a dedication to quality and client pleasure would be a suitable response.

How do you keep track of affiliate commissions and referrals, and where can I get this data?
A trustworthy tracking system that offers up-to-date information on commissions and referrals together with an intuitive dashboard or gateway for obtaining this data would be an excellent response.

Ask all the right questions to avoid disappointment

What types of reports do you provide, and how frequently are they updated?
Regular reporting that offers in-depth analyses of your affiliate performance as well as statistics on conversions, click-through rates, and other important metrics would be a solid response.

What kinds of promotional limitations do you have in place, and how are these limitations enforced?
Reasonable promotional limits that are intended to safeguard the merchant’s name and reputation, together with specific instructions on how to adhere to these restrictions, would be a suitable response.

What kind of assistance do you provide for international business transactions?
A commitment to enable cross-border transactions and detailed instructions on how to handle potential problems like currency conversions would be a welcome response.

What types of advertising materials are offered in various languages or for various markets?
A variety of marketing tools that are adapted for use in many countries and languages would be a suitable response, along with instructions on how to effectively advertise the merchant’s goods or services in these markets.

What types of incentives or promotions do you provide to your top affiliates?
A commitment to recognizing and rewarding your performance, together with special offers or bonuses that are only accessible to top-performing affiliates, would be a fantastic response.

How do you handle disputes or chargebacks?
A straightforward procedure for dealing with chargebacks or other problems, as well as a promise to assist affiliates in resolving these difficulties, would be a welcome response.

More important questions to ask your affiliate manager

What kind of data security or privacy protections are in place?
A good answer would be robust data privacy and security procedures that protect both affiliates and customers. Coupled with compliance with relevant legislation and standards will be a verification of trustworthiness.

What kind of customer service do you provide, and how do affiliates contact customer service?
A promise to offer top-notch customer service and specific instructions on how affiliates can obtain this support would be a solid response.

What types of tracking cookies or other technologies do you employ, and how do you make sure the tracking is precise and reliable?
The adoption of trustworthy tracking technology is frequently examined and improved for accuracy. Also, a dedication to openness and adherence to applicable laws would be a suitable response.

5 more important questions to ask your affiliate manager

How does your refund policy impact commissions, and what kind of policy do you have in place?

A commitment to fairness and consistency, as well as a clear and open refund policy that details how refunds are handled and how they influence affiliate commissions, would be a positive response.

What conversion rates should I anticipate for your goods or services?
An accurate and practical assessment of conversion rates, together with advice on how to maximize your marketing efforts to raise these rates, would make for a good response.

What kind of comments did other affiliates make, and how did you respond to any problems or issues?
The ability to exchange feedback and insights from other affiliates would be a welcome response, as would a dedication to promptly and effectively resolving any difficulties or complaints.

How do you handle changes to your products or services, and how do they impact ongoing affiliate campaigns?
A straightforward procedure for processing product or service updates and instructions on how to modify your advertising efforts to take account of these updates would be a useful response.

What kinds of chances do you have for long-term partnerships, and how might your program help me expand my business?
A firm commitment to establishing a long-term collaboration that provides chances for development and expansion as well as detailed instructions on how to use the program to meet your company’s objectives is an excellent response.

By asking or researching these 20 questions you should form a good idea of the stability and support you will receive from the platform.

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Questions to Ask Affiliate Managers – Conclusion

Finding the correct affiliate merchant to work with can be a helpful and successful method for expanding your internet business. This will all depend on using these questions to ask affiliate managers and how you interpret the answers.

To make sure that the collaboration will be successful, it is crucial to properly assess potential merchant partners and ask the right questions.

Asking about the merchant’s history with affiliates, the extent of support, and resources made available to affiliates.

The commission structure and the payment schedule are very important for a profitable business.

Furthermore, the promotional materials offered, and the merchant’s approach to handling refunds, product updates, and long-term partnership opportunities are just a few of the important questions to ask.

Look for open and timely communication, a dedication to fairness and consistency, and a readiness to collaborate with affiliates. Both parties will need this to achieve a successful assessment of potential merchant partners.

You may improve your chances of developing a fruitful affiliate marketing business by taking the time to properly consider potential partners and ask the correct questions.

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