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67 Popular Teepublic Questions People Ask

67 Teepublic questions
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If you are thinking of starting your own print-on-demand storefront then here are the most popular Teepublic questions people ask across all the platforms. To make life easy I have divided it by category so you can find it quickly.

Article: 99 Popular Teepublic questions

Popular questions designers ask

New Creators Account

What is Teepublic?

Teepublic is a print on demand platform for designers and artists where they can sell their products without having to do the groundwork. All production, logistics and after-sales are handled by Teepublic.

Does Teepublic allow new accounts anymore?

At the time of publishing this article, there was no problem for new artists to join Teepublic and create an account.

TeePublic how custom URL

At the time of writing this article custom URL, usage was not available for Teepublic.

How many Teepublic accounts can you have?

On Teepublic you are allowed to have more than one account (Storefront ) as long as you create it with a new account, different URL and different email address.

How to sell on Teepublic

It is easy to start selling your products on Teepublic. All you have to do is create an account and start uploading your designs. Check out my downloadable step by step guide.

How reliable is Teepublic?

I have been using Teepublic for about 3 years with no problem. I had zero product returns and their assistance to sellers is great. Because they handle all after-sales queries in the background you as the seller will only see a problem when customers return goods. So, no returns from your account are a good sign.

How to delete Teepublic account

On your account settings page, you have the option to “deactivate” your account. You will receive a confirmation email that the account has been deleted. Make sure there are no pending payments on your account when you deactivate.

Can I trust Teepublic?

As with any other online service, trust can never be a guarantee. You can just presume they are a trustworthy enterprise because they have been around a long time.

Can you make money on Teepublic?

Although the profit margins are quite small you can generate a decent side income from Teepublic. The secret is in creating a large inventory with quality designs or quality designs aimed at a popular niche. Below is an example of two of my products over the last two months. I currently have around 550 designs.

Teepublic Profits

Is Teepublic a safe site?

If by safe you mean “Is your information safe?” then the answer is yes as good as any other platform. The only problem I have experienced was the theft of designs by other artists on the platform. In this case, you can notify Teepublic via email as a dispute.

Where is Teepublic located?

Their headquarters are located in New York, USA.

How profitable is Teepublic?

Depending on the product you can typically earn between 5 and 11% on a normal sale. During promotions, it can be as little as half that. You can view a complete list of estimated profits from Teepublic

Teepublic sellers payment

How much do you all make on Teepublic?

Teepublic income will vary with your experience and inventory. The larger your inventory the better chance you have to get consistent sales and therefore make more money.

It will also depend on your niche, quality and marketing. Everybody makes money on Teepublic and it is only the effort that you put in that makes the difference.

How much does Teepublic pay?

As much as you can sell is the answer. You can find a list of estimated payouts here on Teepublic.

How to get paid on Teepublic

Unfortunately, Teepublic will only pay you through Paypal or Payoneer depending on the country where you live. Check your country’s policy related to accepting payments from these two payment platforms. Payment happens on the last day of every month and payments are received about two weeks after that.

Teepublic payment

What is the minimum payout on Teepublic?

It seems that Paypal payments have no minimum and that is why referral sales on other artists will only be done through Paypal. For Payoneer, you need to earn a minimum of $20 before you receive payment.

Creator design questions

Thinking about uploading this to TeePublic

The norm is for designers to test the water before putting the design onto a product. Asking their followers or group if they like the design on social media is not a good idea. Of course, your followers will like it and very few will give an honest opinion.

Rather spend time researching your niche to see what looks good and what does not. You could also learn who is the person that will give you an unemotional opinion.

Does anyone know if there is a file size limit on Teepublic?

To fit all designs it should be at least 5000 x 5500 pixels at a minimum resolution of 150DPI (Dots Per Inch). It has to be a Transparent PNG file with a file size not larger than 20MB.

How do I succeed on Teepublic?

To succeed on Teepublic you have to be patient, consistent and motivated to build a strong online income stream. Hard work, in the beginning, will turn into a fairly passive income over the long term. Improving quality and increasing your inventory will be the core of a winning strategy.

How can I find images that fit the requirements of Teepublic?

There are three ways to get images (designs) you can sell on Teepublic.

  • Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer from Fiverr
  • Create your own designs
  • Purchase ready-made designs from places like Creative Fabrica

How to upload designs to Teepublic

Design uploading is very simple with Teepublic and one of the best you will ever find on a print on demand platform.

Upload art to Teepublic
  • Log into your account
  • Go to upload the design
  • Select a single file or bulk uploader ( More than one design at a time )
  • Complete product details and publish

Can you sell fanart on Teepublic?

Teepublic does have some partnerships for fanart but it is best to see the list of partnerships on Teepublic.

How does Teepublic sell copyrighted material?

It is against Teepublic terms and conditions to upload and publish copyrighted designs. Once reported you will get your account shut down without question. There are many culprits on Teepublic guilty of this but most of the time it is short-lived. It is only approved fanart designs from the Teepublic program that will be allowed.

How long does it take for a design you made on Teepublic to show up?

If you have followed all the rules and put an effort into doing a proper product title, description and keywords it will only take 5 to 10minutes to show on Teepublic. It does depend on how busy the server is at the time as thousands of designs are uploaded daily.

If there is a problem with your design you will receive an email to say it is under review.

Teepublic how to do back t-shirt?

If you want to place your design on the back of the t-shirt instead of the front you can make the selection during the uploading process. When the t-shirt colour is selected it shows the option for front or back print.

Select back t-shirt print

How do artists get away with doing licensed t-shirts on Teepublic?

By joining the approved fanart partnership programme of Teepublic and design specially for those only. All others will be considered copyright infringements.

Teepublic artist storefront

Do you add other Teepublic artists’ designs to your store or just your own?

On your own storefront, you can only place designs that you have the copyright for. If you want to sell other artists’ designs you have to join the Teepublic curator programme.

Teespring vs Redbubble vs Teepublic

All of these are popular print-on-demand platforms. Teespring changed its name and is now called Spring only. 

As a beginner, I could never get used to their concept so I quickly ditched them for an easier set-up with Teepublic.

Teepublic is owned by Redbubble which explains why both these platforms are so easy to use. Out of these two Teepublic is more beginner-friendly while Redbubble has more products.

Is Teepublic the best place to sell custom t-shirts online?

Teepublic is the easiest to join and most beginner-friendly. If it is considered the best, it will depend on personal preference and experience. I am sure there are others that are better but I stick with what works.

What is better Teepublic or Redbubble?

Both belong to Redbubble but it will all depend on the product you are targeting.

Redbubble has a bigger variety of products on offer. Their profit margins are also adjustable so you can make a bit more from a sale. Competition is stiff because Redbubble has been around for a while.

Teepublic on the other hand is simple, easy to use and comes with no distractions.

Teepublic vs Redbubble

Which is better Teespring or Redbubble?

Teespring is now called Spring. Which is best is a matter of personal choice. I could never get used to the Teespring model and found it too time-consuming for me as a designer. You definitely need more time input when using Spring.

Teepublic marketing for designers

Is it better to advertise my Teepublic store on Facebook or Google ads?

Unless you are hoping to gain followers or you have a specific niche design your profit margins will put you into the red.

Should I promote my Teepublic or Redbubble?

If you want to make sales and want to be successful online you have to market your brand online regularly. Although both get organic traffic from search engines it will be unlikely that your design will be showing up first for your niche.

How do I advertise my POD site (Like Teepublic)?

To make sure you get regular sales you have to post daily to all available social media platforms. Also, join niche forums where you can participate without spamming. In this way, you will build up a recognizable brand without spam.

Do people buy from Teepublic and Redbubble?

With so many sellers and estimated traffic of around 33 million visitors a month there is no shortage of sales. There won’t be so many sellers with accounts on these platforms if there were no buyers.

Teepublic organic traffic

Is it possible to make money on Teepublic without advertising?

It is possible but unless you have a big following off-site in your niche you won’t sell much.

All your titles, descriptions and keywords will have to be spot on if you want to be found organically between thousands of other sellers.

How often does Teepublic have sales?

Teepublic will have at least one sale a month which lasts about 3 days. Only special sales such as Christmas and Black Friday might be extended sales.

Where to promote a Teepublic store?

The best place to start building your print on demand brand name is on Social Media platforms. It is the easiest and all it takes is time and effort. Most popular places you can promote in order to build a following:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook niche groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Quora
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Youtube

How to sponsor other artists on your Teepublic

By joining the curator programme on Teepublic you can fill your store with the designs of other artists and earn income from there.

Most popular questions Teepublic buyers ask

Opening a buyer account

Is it worth buying from Teepublic?

Buying from Tee public is worth it because of the reasonable pricing, good quality and uniqueness of designs.

When does Teepublic have sales?

Apart from extended sales during Black Friday and Christmas, there is a flash sale at least once a month.

What do I need to open a Teepublic buyers account?

You will only need an email and a physical address to open your account.

TeePublic pricing and payment

Is Teepublic a trustworthy site to make purchases from?

Thousands of buyers purchase products from Teepublic every month using all major pay channels such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Paypal and Apple pay. 

Reviews are great and comparing the odd complaint with the visitors’ volume it seems like a very good platform to make a purchase.

Teepublic payment method

Didn’t Teepublic have a sale just a few days ago?

Regular monthly flash sales are not uncommon for Teepublic. It is part of their own marketing strategy to get visitor counts up.

Does Teepublic send you an email when you purchase something?

With every sale you make you will get an email telling you what you have sold as well as the profit margin achieved.

Is Teepublic a trustworthy site to put your credit card information in for purchases?

Teepublic is a verified merchant with most major credit card providers.

Teepublic products

Is Teepublic or Redbubble clothing good?

Opinions are based on personal preference but from experience, I had no return on any of the shirts I have sold so far.

What is the quality of print on Teepublic?

In general, the print quality is as good as you will get with DTG (Direct To Garment). Poor quality prints normally have their origin in poor design work from the seller. Teepublic only prints what gets uploaded by the designer.

What brand of T-Shirt does Teepublic use?

Teepublic has a mixed brand of t-shirts they use depending on the product and where it is printed. Most of their shirts are labelled as Bella Canvas brands.

Teepublic stickers durable for vehicles?

Although Teepublic stickers can be placed anywhere it is not recommended for use on vehicles.

Teepublic stickers

Is Teepublic an all in one market?

Although Teepublic has a decent range of 22 print on products, it is not nearly as many as some of their competitors. They do however have over 75 variants available over the range.

How good are Teepublic shirts?

The quality of Teepublic shirts in general ranges from good quality to excellent quality on their premium products.

Using Teepublic for company merch

You can use Teepublic to create and buy your company merch as long as it adheres to their terms and conditions regarding copy and patent rights.

How much do Teepublic shirts shrink?

In general, you can expect an average shrink of around 5% but only in cases where washing and drying instructions are not followed.

How do I find a shop on Teepublic?

If you know the shop name you can find it by typing it into the main search bar as you would when doing a normal search.

Teepublic delivery

How much is shipping on Teepublic?

Shipping costs will depend on size and weight but as a norm local (US) shipping starts from around $6.99 and international shipping from $7.99.

Can I collect my Teepublic order?

Unfortunately, Teepublic is an online business only with no physical collection points.

What if I make a mistake with my order?

If you realize your mistake early on it is easy to solve by going to the “Change Order” page. On this page you can edit any details you need to but keep in mind this is only available for 2 hours then the order will be expedited.

How fast does Teepublic ship?

How quick you will receive your order will depend on where you are situated, where the fulfilment centre is and which service you are using. It is best to visit the Teepublic Q&A section to find an up to date answer.

Teepublic shipping

Why is Teepublic shipping so expensive?

There is no real reason as to why Teepublic shipping is above average for print on demand websites. I guess it was a business decision by their financial gurus to use the couriers they do.

Does Teepublic have free shipping?

Teepublic does not offer free shipping.

Where does Teepublic ship from?

There are several fulfilment centres in Europe and the United Kingdom from where goods can be sent and it depends on your location and stock availability.

Teepublic customer service

How does Teepublic work?

You create a customer account from the main menu. This will enable you to search for designs of your choice and add them to your shopping cart. Confirm payment and accept the purchase. Your product will be on the way soon.

Who owns Teepublic?

One of the most popular questions asked by potential buyers. Teepublic was purchased in 2018 by Redbubble.

When is the next Teepublic sale?

If you have a registered account you will be notified by Teepublic when a sale comes up. They have several flash sales which occur at least twice a month.

Where is Teepublic based?

The headquarters for Redbubble is situated in New York, United States. Teepublic has several fulfilment centres in both Europe and the United Kingdom.

According to Google Maps, the Redbubble head office is here somewhere

Why do I see so many bad reviews of Teepublic?

It is not only normal for an online business to show a high number of bad reviews but it has to be viewed in perspective with the huge amount of buyers and products shipped. At the time of writing this Teepublic is receiving 7 million visitors a month.

Also, keep in mind few people will make the effort to highlight good service.

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