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Podcasting for Beginners: Create an Online Income Stream

Podcasting for beginners
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Podcasting for beginners who wants to build a very profitable income stream online will have to sharpen their skillsets. Most beginners will enter the podcasting business without knowing too much about the practical side of it.

Before you jump into it we will provide you with a bit of information that will help you plan your journey to success.

Podcasting for beginners: Article

  • Podcasting and what it is?
  • What does a podcaster do?
  • How do you become a podcaster?
  • What qualifications do you need to be a Podcaster?
  • Skillsets you need to become a Podcaster
  • Find good niches for podcasting
  • What does a Podcaster make money from?
  • How much money do Podcasters make?
  • Is it difficult to become a Podcaster?
  • What is the competition like in Podcasting?
  • What are some good podcasting resources?
  • Podcasting for beginners – Conclusion

Podcasting and what it is

To make it simple Podcasting is like a radio service but available only online. A Podcast consists of a series of pre-recorded audio sessions that are available to the audience through audio files. These files can be either listened to online or it can be downloaded for later use.

What does a Podcaster do?

A Podcaster is someone who hosts a talk show by means of recording an audio file for the purpose of broadcasting it to their followers.

Podcasts are a popular way to attract followers and therefore the podcaster’s purpose is to provide valuable content to his audience.

This is why podcasts have become very popular and you can find a wide range of topics available all over the web.

Podcasting for beginners is popular for those who do not like to appear on video but have the ability to provide people with the information they are looking for.

A Podcaster starting off will have to plan, present and edit each podcast by themselves until such time that some of the functions can be outsourced.

How do you become a Podcaster?

Unfortunately, podcasting is not the cheapest online business to start from home but if you are good at it the initial capital outlay will bring high returns in the end.

Of course, you have the option to start free or at least cheaply but should you suddenly achieve the success you might have to upgrade quickly to maintain momentum.

If you want to start off immediately you can have just a basic setup as long as the sound quality is good. As your business grows you will find that you will always need bigger and better.

To start off you will need a good PC that can handle audio editing software and also have live streaming capabilities. You will need a good quality microphone and good recording software.

The only way to find out what podcasting is like is to fearlessly jump in and test your podcasting skills.

Learn new skills as you go by following a few of the top podcasters in your niche but take care not to fall into the trap of information overload.

Finally, you will need good content and a smooth script.

Do you need qualifications to be a Podcaster?

To become a good Podcaster you don’t need a qualification but there are some big players out there who have moved from journalism and broadcasting into full-time broadcasting.

But rest assured there are thousands of podcasters out there who only have the gift of telling a good story and the will to succeed. Some have thousands of followers and are making good money from it.

It is more important to focus on the content you need to create and the marketing side of your podcast than on qualifications.

You only need a qualification in any of the skills below if you are planning to fail and work for other podcasters therefore it is very important to plan and succeed.

The whole idea of this exercise is to start podcasting in order to build an online business that can provide you with an income stream.

Skillsets you need to become a Podcaster

Skills are what make a podcaster worth listening to for hours on end without getting tired. Some skills are a necessity to have but most required skills can be developed by you over a period of time.

Podcasting for beginners: Hard skills required for success

Podcasting for beginners: Soft skills required for success

  • Positivity
  • Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Motivation and Initiative
  • Good work ethics

Find good niches for Podcasting?

It is difficult to say which niches in podcasting will bring you success as popular niches are very saturated. Saturation does not mean you can’t have a go at it but it will require you to bring something new and exciting to the table.

Just becoming the same as another will not bring success and the hard work you have to put in will make the difference.

Your niche research is very important if you want to target the right audience.

There are a number of industries and individuals that can make use of a Podcaster’s service. Podcasters are mostly used to distribute information and news to the public.

Here are just a few samples of who can use the services of a Podcaster.

  • Public services who need important information and event announcements broadcasted
  • Education where students can enhance their learning experience
  • Teaching and Coaching
  • Entertainment
  • News, Politics, and Info
  • Special Interest groups
  • Health broadcasts
  • Religious groups
  • Marketing of products and services

Many other uses can be included here but as you can see there is demand out there and it is only your imagination and creativity that can turn it into an online business.

What does a Podcaster make money from?

The main ways of monetizing your Podcasting channel are by:

  • Marketing products live on air by discussing it
  • Affiliate marketing of other people’s products by means of reviews
  • Advertising Affiliates on their Blog, Website, Youtube Channel, and Social Media Platforms
  • Create a clothing brand that they sell to followers
  • Google Adsense
  • Getting sponsorships
  • Online consulting through their channel
  • By creating paid membership options for premium content

A Podcasting channel can basically enjoy the same or more monetization opportunities than a normal blog or Youtube channel but keep in mind it takes much longer to build an audience.

Also, sponsorships are hard to come by unless the sponsor themselves can see value in the broadcast for their own clientele.

How much money do podcasters make?

Ignoring the real big players in the market who can make up to $30000 per episode I would say that realistically a four-figure sum between $1000 and $8000 is what to aim for per month. Your income will depend on too many factors in order to make an accurate assumption.

Some Podcasters will make nothing and keep in mind it is not a short-term game so most will give up before earning $1. Positive results (and money) can only start coming in after a few months if your content is good and you are consistent enough to retain your audience.

The income you can realistically make from your podcast will depend on many factors of which the most common are:

  • Size of your target market and niche
  • Quality of your content
  • Self-promotion
  • Geographical location
  • Subscribers and audience as charges are usually based on $/1000 views
  • Affiliate commission %

Is it difficult to become a Podcaster?

Because of the commitment, consistency, and capital outlay required it can seem to be a daunting task that is not meant for everyone.

However, if it is something of great interest to you and you can enjoy it as a full-time job then only your efforts matter.

If you want to see this success you must be very patient because it is also something that can only be marketable once you have the confidence and have built up a quality portfolio.

This all comes with experience and persistence which fly-by-night entrepreneurs do not have.

The planning you do before entering this market will determine the focus you maintain on succeeding and it will also prepare you better for what is coming.

What is the competition like in Podcasting?

Low competition but those that are out there and making it big have years of experience. As is the case with Youtubing not everyone is comfortable with the task of public speaking and therefore doesn’t even try podcasting as an income stream.

Although the Podcasting services out there are covering the most popular niches well, there is always a place for one more.  You don’t stop building coffee shops because there are too many. You look for a gap in the market and try to do it better than the competition.

The same applies to podcasting as a business.

It does not mean you must ignore this as there are small markets available that cannot “afford” the big players of Podcasting.

By targeting these micro niches you will be able to start small and expand with the growth of your knowledge and skills.

What are some good Podcasting resources?

In order to become a top-level marketer through podcasting, you will be required to develop a culture of continuous development. Below is just a few recommendations I have identified through my research, positive customer reviews, and self-application.

Podcasting books for beginners

Remember real books fill bookshelves so here is my selection of books for starting your podcasting journey.

Podcasting for beginners Software

Audacity softwareAudacity

The perfect audio processing software for beginners. Record, edit and compile your podcasts easily as this software has a very low learning curve.

There are plenty of free tutorials on the web that will get you going.

Download Audacity here.

Open Broadcasting SoftwareOBS ( Open Broadcaster Software )

Another 100% free audio and video streaming software package for beginners. It is a little bit of a steeper learning curve but is perfect if you are planning to record a video at the same time.

The production quality of your work will be accepted on all platforms once you master this software.

Get your free copy of OBS here.

Final Draft script writing softwareFinal draft

The perfect scriptwriting software that will last you a lifetime. Even professionals use this software to create perfect scripts for their podcasts and videos.

A steep learning curve but a skill that will help you to become a podcast professional.

Podbean Podcasting platformPodbean

Podbean offers the beginner a perfect platform to start with. A quick and easy setup will get you on the way quickly. The good thing about Podbean is that they have a free option you can use while setting yourself up for success.

They have very affordable options should you want to upgrade at a later stage.

Visit and start Podbean here.

Freelancers that can assist

Fiverr Freelancing servicesFiverr

To me the most affordable platform to find assistance with setting up your podcast. Everything from scriptwriting and voice-overs to publishing it can be done from here with freelancers.

Fill up with the skills you don’t have yet. Locate the perfect freelancer here.

Podcasting for beginners – Conclusion

Although a career in Podcasting can be tough especially if you do it all by yourself it can be very rewarding and provide a solid income stream.

The main secret is to find a micro-niche where you can start from scratch to build a bigger career for yourself as you grow your skills.

It is one income stream that is not that oversaturated because of the perception that it is a difficult business to start up online.

Oh and don’t forget it is hard work that will put most people off from trying it out. It is however an essential part of building multiple income streams that will provide a sustainable income.

There are many Podcasters that will combine their Podcasting with Youtube by recording them and thereby creating two income streams at once.

Leave any comments below that will help future entrepreneurs in the field of Podcasting.

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