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Easy Affiliate Platforms To Join

Easy affiliate platforms to join
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As a beginner you will always be looking for easy affiliate platforms to join so you can get the product or service links you need. Most beginners will give up their goal of creating an online affiliate business very quickly because of rejections.

I will show you that it is not that difficult if you are persistent, patient and willing to do some work.

Article: Easy Affiliate Platforms

What is an affiliate platform?

An affiliate platform is a place on the Web where you can find a collection of different products and services available for promotion. 

The platform will provide information and links to offers in various niches. It is easier to join such a platform as a beginner because of this variety instead of searching individual offer links. 

An affiliate link is a unique link that will identify you as the promoter. This is so that the advertiser can keep track of the traffic you are driving to their product or service.

The affiliate link will become the heartbeat of your new online business. Carefully selecting and placing links will help you to generate income over the long term. 

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, you will experience difficulty in securing links in line with your niche. Of course, it will depend on your niche and how you’ve done your planning.

In most cases, the advertisers making the offer will first verify your links. If they find related quality content and some traffic they might consider accepting your application. 

As a beginner, you must not get put off by rejections. Once you have built up your website authority there will be enough applications accepted which will provide enough links.

Where do I find easy affiliate platforms to join?

From my experience, there are six platforms that I had quick success with when I started. Getting accepted was quite easy and provided me with more than enough options. 

  • Admitad
  • CJ Affiliates
  • Share A Sale
  • Clickbank
  • Digistore23


A platform with plenty of Advertisers but mostly for fashion and seems to be targeting Eastern, Middle East and European countries.

Does have many advertisers in the West and Africa but I found most of the big brands missing. 

I suppose it all comes down to your niche and how you can incorporate it into your blog plan. If you are into fashion and clothing you have plenty of options here for some good affiliate links.

Also what makes it popular is the browser plug-in Affiliate Lite which helps to create affiliate links from your browser. 

CJ Affiliates

A bit more difficult to get approved but if you can supply quality information in your application it should get approved quickly.

It has a wide variety of products available for various niches. Most of their advertisers have been around for a while which makes them more reliable.

Share A Sale

One of my favourites because of the simplicity and the affiliate resources it offers. Within this platform, you will find many offers and definitely something that will fit your niche.

As a beginner, you can start by only using the  Share A Sale platform until you gained some experience in the affiliate marketing game.


Clickbank is one of the most proposed platforms for affiliate beginners because it is simple and easy to join. 

I personally found it hard to find offers for my niche and the more popular niches are heavily promoted.

Once again it all depends on your niche and the effort you are willing to put in. 


If you complete a good application you shouldn’t have a problem getting accepted. Most of the offers here consist of software packages but they are very marketable. 

Although there is no such thing as the perfect affiliate link or product you can find links with more value than others. How successful the links are will depend on the demand in your niche and how you market it.

There are some things in an offer that makes it more valuable than others. 

  • Initial payment
  • Recurring commission
  • Competition
  • Demand
  • Initial payment

Initial payment

Most offers will give you a one-time percentage payment based on a confirmed sale.

In this case, the percentage must warrant the effort so obviously, the higher monetary value will be worth it.

Sometimes lower commissions will be easier to sell so quantity will be preferred. That is if you have an audience to sell to. 

Recurring commission

Some services will pay you a recurring commission as long as your customer remains subscribed to their service. 

In cases like this, the initial payment might be lower but a lifetime recurring commission will provide a passive income in the long term.

Most experienced affiliate marketers will select high-value services with recurring commissions. This also makes it very competitive and difficult for beginners to gain entry into the market. 


To make money with affiliate marketing the most important factor is demand. To find affiliate links in a market with high demand for products and services is ideal.

Where there is great demand it makes it easier for a beginner to claim a piece of the pie. This is when patience and skill count. 

 In short, the best affiliate link you can wish for is a high demand product or service with a reasonable initial and a lifetime recurring commission. 

Putting affiliate links in your post

Affiliate links allow you to make money with the posts you produce for your niche. You can add affiliate links to your post in various ways depending on your circumstances and level of experience.

  • Manually
  • Automated ad agencies
  • WordPress plugins


Manual insertion of affiliate links is normal for beginners. This gives you better control over your links and placement. This is until you know what you are doing. 

In the beginning, it is better to find two or three links for your niche and base your post writing around these products or services. 

You will find it easier to identify the correct placement of your links and where it attacks the best traffic.

Automated ad agencies

There are several platforms that offer affiliate products through their own ads. 

By joining them you will benefit from all the resources they have available to grow your business faster. This comes at a price though and that is why beginners without a budget will prefer manual linking. 

By joining these agencies you will provide ad spaces on your pages for them to put their ads. 

The most popular ad agencies at this stage are Google Adsense and Ezoic. Most beginners will build up an authoritative website that will enable them to join one of the two. 

WordPress plugins

If you are a WordPress user then you are in luck as there are several free and paid auto-linking plugins available.

My advice is to start with the Auto Affiliate Links Plugin by Lucian Apostol simply because it is easy to use with a simple setup.

The secret is to configure it carefully so it does not pump your articles full of links. Your site will be branded as a spam site if you have too many affiliate links. 

How many affiliate links can I put?

As mentioned too many links in your article will portray you as a spammer so use it with care. Depending on the length of your article fewer links placed more strategically do a better job.

 To stay safe I found one affiliate link for every 1000 words that work best for me. Keep in mind that you might also have banner ads on the page. 

The same can be said about internal links. Rather focus on spreading your links and placing them at the correct time inside the article.

How do affiliates get paid?

paypal secure payment

Affiliate platforms use various forms of payment channels available online. Very few if any still use cheque payments. 

Payments will normally be made through PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe or EFT depending on your location or country of residence. 

It would be advisable for beginners to check payment channels before joining or you might never receive your money. 

Also, note that most affiliate platforms will also have minimum payout thresholds in place. 

As you grow your online business you will find you need to create accounts with the most popular payment channels.

Easy affiliate programs – Conclusion

Although there are plenty of opportunities for beginners to start affiliate marketing it is advisable to check their terms and conditions first.

Easy affiliate platforms you can join do not always have comprehensive options. There is nothing worst than starting your business and after a few months realising you cannot get your money. 

Make sure you are geographically accepted and payment can be made to your country of residence.

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